Teach Learn Ecuador

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'The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth' by Erasmus

Researches by TESOL, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, and other organizations, into the place of English in the curriculum in countries in Central and South America, indicates that the emergence of English as a global language is having considerable impact on policies and practices in all countries surveyed.

However, it also reveals significant problems, including confusion and inconsistency, at the level of policy, particularly regarding the issue of age of initial instruction, inequity regarding access to effective language instruction, inadequately trained and skilled teachers, and a disjunction between curriculum rhetoric and pedagogical reality.

In Ecuador 41% of the entire population is under 18 with a low standard of education and suffering severe poverty. Nowadays in Ecuador, English and I.T are becoming vitally important subjects that will give them so many more opportunities in life.

According to the report given by the Ecuadorian Educational Department on December 28th 2011, the educational system has not established a national curriculum for these subjects. Each school has its own very un-effective method for teaching English and others schools do not even teach the subject, as a result, the students end up without even the basic, knowledge of the language.

English is taught in private schools therefore learning this language has become an expensive issue and even a luxury for the 41% of the population, according to our own investigations and personal experiences.